नीज मन की कसमकस सोनित में…

(Posted on January 19th, 2013 @ 05:39 pm)

नीज मन की कसमकस सोनित में,
डुबो कलम अति जालित ज्वाल…
लिखता हूँ गीत अंगारो से,
जला कल्पना की मशाल…

पुरुषार्थ दमकता है तब तक,
जबतक हम तुम हो गरम गरम..
चल रही श्रृष्टि, घूम रही धरा है,
जबतक सूरज चरम गरम…

हम पाते है हक़ का उचित भाग,
जब तक है सीने में है जालित आग…
बुझ गया अनल जिनके सोनित का,
वो रो रो गाते तरुण राग…

कुछ नहीं मिला है लाभ जगत को,
अश्रु बहाने वालो से..
पाई है दुनिया ने नयी राह,
नीज खून बहाने वालो से…

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कि जैसे दुनिया देखने की…

(Posted on January 19th, 2013 @ 05:28 pm)

कि जैसे दुनिया देखने की ,
जिद के सही सांझ
न होने पर पूरा….
सो जाए मचल-मचल कर ,
रोता हुआ बच्चा !
तो तैर आतीं हैं ,
उस के सपनो में ,
वही चमकीली छवियाँ…
जिन के लिए लड़ कर ,
हार-थक गया था ,
पत्थर-दुनिया से जाग में !
ऐसे उतर आती हो तुम ,
रात-रात भर ,
मेरे सपनो के भाग में …….!

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My First Public Post

(Posted on March 14th, 2010 @ 09:47 am)

Being the first on my personal home page, I decided to write on my personal home page itself. So here I go:

Sarika is the name of my spouse and Pugs is my college name – the name, which my undergrad college NITW gave me. Hence, the website “sarika-pugs”, as “ladies first”. We are married since 20th century (I mean 1999) – completed 10 years few months back.

At the top of our home page, you see our photos to depict the chronology order. We two; then with our first kid – son named Shreshth; and then with our daughter Mahi, as well. Then, our 2 kids are growing – 8 and 4 years, by now. Just at the end added with glimpse of baby Shreshth and kid Mahi. If you want to see more of us, you may visit our Photo Gallery. Yes, the front page collage also gives few photos. But to really get a touch of our personal life, you may like to visit the Gallery

This is were you are reading my blog. I plan to write on my passions here: Mathematics (sounds crazy), Yog, Computer Science (Logic, Linux, and Embedded Systems to be specific). If interested, you may bookmark this Blog page, or subscribe for the RSS feed. And out of my passions, I create small tools. Visit Tools to get a flavour of that.

Thanks for getting personal with me. If you want to know more about us or reach us, please visit here.

For any feedback on this home page or this post, you have two options:

  • Comment on this blog post
  • Send a feedback through Feedback link

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